Thursday, April 2, 2009

April brings sunshine

I'm happy this morning, after being wide awake from 2AM to about 4AM. It was during that time when I couldn't sleep that I found this blogsite that features my Etsy store. In particular, it has my pretty little mauve dichroic ring.

The featuring blog is from a friend of mine in Canada. I've had many happy dealings with Anne, from our mutual WWWG group on Etsy. I've bought from her a few times, and I was even lucky enough to help her celebrate her Etsy shop by winning a givaway! I can hardly wait, I love her yellow spring time cheer!

If you'd like to learn more about ennadoolf:
r-anne-dom : a place for me (anne) to leave random blog posts. Such as:..the survey results as friends are polled. Polls are a diversion so they won't know I'm getting info to make them gifts. ..knitting, sewing, and other random activities pursued, some for gifts..Girl Guides of Canada : yep, Guiding Lives Here..the 2 shops on Etsy : one features handmade items, the other has lots of patterns, buttons and suppliesEnjoy the r-anne-domness!

Be sure to check out her blog, and her store on Etsy!

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  1. LOL
    Thanks Cher!
    I decided not to tell you about the feature on my blog and see how long before you found it -didn't take you long at all! :)