Saturday, April 11, 2009

Heavy Metal

I don't often post purely personal info here, but this one has to be written. The pressure I've been under lately has finaly been lifeted and I feel like shouting fromthe rooftops. When I woke up this AM, it was the first time in a month where I didn't feel like there was a 2 ton weight ready to drop on me. So, what follows is what I wrote out last night in my new euphoria.

I survived! What a rush, it was an amazing surgery, and what they were able to do is get the blood back to my 2001 bypass site. It was rather freaky, yet miraculous if I may be so dramatic! Trying to live long enough to get the problem fixed had become the problem.Since I've had 2 disastrous catherizations in the past, they used a different procedure, which freed me up to leave the hospital the same day. I am home, so hard to believe but I do feel so much better. I just can't do anything for a couple of days but by the end of next week, watch out! I'll have one whole week to get into trouble before I go back in for some more repair work. They are going to do another stent soon.

Now to find out what to do to prevent this condition from happening some more!!

Metallic Mama.

PS: I've got before and after pictures that include my pacemaker (in both pics, of course) and it looks like a cool MP3 player! How fitting!!!)

PSS: Another reason for all of the drama, my older brother died while waiting for surgergy for the same kinda stuff, at age 58.

PSSS: A month later, 2 more stents. 1 in aorta and 1 in the right illiac. I feel great!!

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