Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ripple Effect

For the next three pictures:

This was an interesting develpement for me. It was really too cold to walk to the beach. But it had been so cloudy for so many days, I couldn't resist. Most of the snow was gone, the stark white beauty of it all was gone. I was disapointed, I wanted some wet and wild winter. Then I looked closer and saw this spot.

We have sat right there for years, I like the shade in the summer. Go Figure.
This didn't require much, only a slight sharpen, and a bit of light and now it's making me happier by the day (3rd one down is now my desktop). I've just sent it to the print shop as a part of a threesome for notecards so I'm thrilled by this shot, and the reactions to it!

1 Ripple Effect
Originally uploaded by 1Cher

Available as a notecard by clicking the "Ripple Effect".

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