Sunday, November 4, 2007

The View from behind (DH Day Farm SLBE NP)

The View from behind (DH Day Farm SLBE NP)

Not the typical view, but awesome anyways!
View from behind, DH Day Farm

See this picture LARGE at my flickr acct by clicking on the underlined heading. If you want, while you're there, look at my set of pics titled "A day in my life Oct 07 "

And the rest of the story is found here:
"The rest of the trip"


  1. Thank you! That farm is one of the highly photographed locations here. I really had to go the distance to capture such a different view, because I love naked trees.
    The highlighted flickr sets (above) have more pics of the traditional views of the farm and area.
    Thanks for looking!

  2. Do they do weddings there? I love this place...but can't find anything online about weddings. If you know..please email me at Thanks!!